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Welcome Beloved Souls,

Thank you for stopping by. I am dedicated to those in search of transformative healing energy and heart-centered self-love practices. I am deeply committed to helping you unlock your innate healing power by nurturing the self-love within your own WellBEEing.

Embark on a journey to elevate your mindset and cultivate enduring self-love rituals. I am here to lead you towards self-acceptance and the nurturing of unwavering self-confidence through sustainable methods.           


 ~ Melissa

"Take control of your own Well-BEEing"


Reiki Treatment

"An Incredible Healer"

Melissa is an amazing person and teacher! She is also an incredible healer and Reiki Master/Teacher. Her energy is very healing. She once completely alleviated a headache I was experiencing during a restorative yoga class in which she offered to give me Reiki.

Image by Darius Bashar

"Life-enriching experience"

My Reiki training with Melissa was a life-enriching experience. I walked away not only with a solid foundation in Reiki but also with a greater sense of inner harmony and purpose. If you are seeking a path to healing, personal growth, and the ability to help others, I wholeheartedly recommend embarking on this transformative journey through Melissa's Reiki training.

Energy Healing

"Life changer"

From the very first moment of the training, I was welcomed into a warm and nurturing environment. Melissa exudes a genuine passion for Reiki, which was infectious and created an atmosphere of curiosity and openness among the participants. Her depth of knowledge and years of experience were evident throughout the course. This was a life-changer.

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